Founding Partner
Counsel at the Supreme Court and High courts

Having graduated in Law at “Roma Tre” University in 2003 with honors, I then attended the Graduate School of International Law and Economics “Tullio Ascarelli” and the School of Specialization for Legal Professions of “Roma Tre” University until 2005.

I gained my professional experience working at Studio Legale Bazzani (2003/2004), subsequently with the Attorney’s Office of the City of Rome (2004/2005), and then at the international law firm Sinisi Ceschini Mancini & Partners (2006/2012). These diverse working realities allowed me to increase my understanding of multiple facets of substantive and procedural law, increasing my overall experience, particularly at an international level.

In 2012 I founded, together with my partner Roberta Ceschini, a law firm with the aim to raise the quality of the Client-attorney relationship. I am aware of the involvement that can result from any legal matter, and thus endeavour to make my work available to all our Clients so that they may resolve any dispute with security and peace of mind, and always rely on a highly qualified and constantly present partners to win all legal and judicial challenges.

Admitted to the Bar in 2007, I became member of the Criminal Chamber of Rome and member of the International Bar Association. In 2016, I obtained the professional qualification to also exercise before all the High Courts and the Supreme Court.


Italian, English.


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