Thanks to close cooperation with partners all over the world, Ceschini & Restignoli Law Firm can offer highly qualified and specialized services in criminal law, family and children, separation and divorce, inheritance and donations, commercial law and contracts, contractual liability and tort, labour law, consumer protection, immigration, debt recovery, executions, bankruptcies, road accidents, leases, condominium.


The breakup of a marriage and all matters concerning any children (besides the purely legal aspect) need special attention and sensitivity on the part of the lawyer who will represent you.

It is for this very reason that we put at your service our great experience in the field of family law and children, both at a national and international level, with particular reference to issues relating to separation, divorce, cohabitation, and all matters relating to filiation, the recognition of natural children and maintenance requirements, the denial of paternity, matters concerning parental responsibility, domestic adoption and international rights of the person, administrative support, inheritance, trusts and family covenants.

The firm relies on the collaboration of professional psychologists and child psychiatrists for consultations on issues of separations / divorces, particularly those with regard to children.

We are therefore able to offer excellent and comprehensive professional services in and out of court, and, thanks to the developed network of international collaborators that we have cultivated over the years, we also supply high quality advice and assistance regarding disputes outside the Italian territory.

Ceschini & Restignoli Law Firm specializes in child and family law, and is therefore able to professionally approach all disputes in civil and criminal matters relating underage persons in the procedures of child custody, determination and payment of their monthly maintenance, protection of visitation rights, and all issues relating to parental responsibility for the progeny, as well as recognition proceedings or denial of paternity, national and international adoption, and representation of the minor involved in any case of criminal offense.

Our legal team relies on the collaboration of esteemed teachers, psychologists and child psychotherapists, enabling us to offer our customers the most complete and satisfactory performance, in order to achieve the desired objectives and results in court.

The global increase of marriages between people of different nationalities and the increasing mobility of citizens render it imperative to seek and identify forms of cooperation and assistance to offer (both to the parental couple in conflict and their any children of young age) paths for the resolution of their disputes and issues of the rights of underage persons

Such conflicts can give rise to the phenomenon of international child abduction, examples of which include: a) the abduction of a child by one of the parents, resulting in residence of the child, due to the same subtraction, in a state other than that of his habitual residence, and b) wrongful removal of the child abroad and failure to return him in his country of habitual residence, also as a result of a temporary and lawful transfer abroad.

Lawyers Roberta and Armando Ceschini Restignoli, who are members of Reunite – National Council for Abducted Children, and have years of experience operating in the legal field, can provide you with the best experience and professionalism for an immediate and effective intervention in such cases, and ensure: the localisation of the child through the relevant Central Authority, the establishment of direct judicial or administrative proceedings to obtain the return of the child or the exercise of rights of access, as well the prevention of further harm being inflicted on the child or other prejudices for stakeholders, and ensure the adoption of urgent measures, including at the administrative level, to ensure the return of the child in a safe manner.

Our international focus has enabled us to gain high competence in the field of International and European Union law, regarding the application of international conventions and support in litigation, concerning conflicts of law, and relating to the determination of jurisdiction and enforcement of foreign judgments on national territory, in addition to the free movement of goods, persons, services and capital.

Indeed, our firm is present in countless Lawyer-Lists belonging to Embassies around the world, where we are listed as specialized consultants. Moreover, thanks to our network of international correspondents, we offer legal assistance in all jurisdictions.

We are dedicated to providing the best defence for persons under investigation or criminal hearings for all crimes. The hardships accompanying the court proceedings, both inside and outside the courtroom, can become overwhelming, and finding the best possible legal defence can be difficult. However, the choice of a trusted attorney is one of the most important decisions to make, as an experienced lawyer will be able to adequately protect your rights.

By employing the latest technologies, scientific techniques, and research and investigation databases, we are always ready for an immediate and effective response to any legal necessity the Client may have.

Our team of lawyers, investigators and researchers are committed to the best performance and results, the highest professional and ethical standards, and strive to achieve the legal objectives set by the Client.

If you or someone dear to you has been arrested or prosecuted, do not hesitate to contact us immediately; we guarantee a confidential consultation to discuss possible options and determine a defensive tactic to guarantee and protect your rights.

We offer our customers advice and representation in cases of disputes concerning contractual and non-contractual liability, and in general for the compensation of any damage or wrongdoing suffered, in particular:

  • consumer protection and validity of distance contracts
  • annulment, nullity, breach of contract, and liability for violation of the obligations and/or contractual obligations
  • unilateral withdrawal and termination of the contract
  • damages from the sale of products that are defective/with different characteristics to those specified in the contract
  • damages suffered by the Client for ruined vacation
  • violation of privacy and contractual obligations by service providers (eg. Telephone providers)

We assist also our customers, be they companies or individuals, in issues relating to debt, in the process of obtaining injunctions to pay and promoting any enforcement proceedings. In conclusion, we guarantee extremely qualified legal assistance in proceedings regarding the enforcement of orders and implementing acts, also for conservative or judicial seizure.

Ceschini & Restignoli Law Firm assists Italian and international clients in the field of labor law, trade unions law and social security, from recruitment to the termination of the individual for the entire employment relationship, for the preparation of non-competition operations and contracts, layoffs collective and restructuring of the plans. We have also developed a decade of experience in litigation relating to compensation for damages caused by job accidents or civil liability of the employer, constantly assuring customers to achieve the desired results.

We offer legal advice supported by a thorough knowledge of the subject and a continuous vocational training to ensure a competent, accurate and high quality service for all the delicate and problematic issues related to employment, both in the public sector and in the private area.

Highly specialised staff guarantee our clients a high quality and tailored assistance in requests of compensation for damages suffered, both in or out of Courts.

A team of professionals will help you from the very first initial complaint to the final stages of evaluation and assessment of damages, making use of medical-legal consultants and specialists to our service.

In particular, we assist you in civil and criminal liability for personal disputes and fatal damages, whether arising from a crime (such as ill-treatment, sexual and physical violence, personal injury) or health and medical liability (compensation for damage caused by your medical practitioner), or damage caused by motor vehicles (for instance in case of road accidents).

We are committed to assist you throughout all legal steps – be they judicial or extrajudicial ones – necessary in the investigation and forensic assessment of pecuniary damage (including for loss of profits and loss of opportunity) and non-pecuniary damage (biological and psychological).